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BEST Site Visit
BEST: On the Go
From a motor home to a 25,000 sq. ft. factory outside Chicago, BEST not only offers a wide variety of rework/repair services, it is navigating a new path for the EMS of the future.
by Mike Buetow

Bare Die Coatings
Protecting COB Devices with Glob Top Encapsulants
Bare die and their connecting wires have no protective plastic package, and can easily become corroded by moisture or chemicals. Encapsulating the die and wires in a protective shell is critical to ensuring long-term assembly reliability.
by Venkat Nandivada

PCB Repair
Board Repair Made Easy
The small size and spaces make fixing a substrate or interposer a painstaking undertaking. A new novel board repair kit just might be the solution.
by Terence Q. Collier

Top 10 PCB Rework Mistakes
Why touch-up should be used sparingly, if at all, and other helpful hints.
by Bob Doetzer







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