ATLANTA – Registration for CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY's 2022 New Product Introduction Awards (NPI) for printed circuit board assembly is open until Oct. 22.

The NPI Awards recognize the leading new products for PCB assembly introduced in the 2021 calendar year. Awards are selected by an independent panel of judges from the industry and presented by CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY. No preferential treatment is given to customers of CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY or UP Media Group.

Awards will be presented in the following categories: Equipment: automation tools (conveyors, feeders, etc.); bonders; cleaning equipment; component placement - high-speed; component placement - multifunction; component placement - accessory technologies; component storage; device programming; dispensing equipment; labeling equipment; process control tools; rework and repair tools; screen/stencil printing; screen/stencil printing peripherals/consumables; soldering - reflow (convection); soldering – wave; soldering – selective; selective soldering tools and accessories; soldering – alternative (vapor phase, hot bar, laser, etc.); soldering – hand tools; test and inspection – AOI; test and inspection – AXI; test and inspection – ICT; test and inspection – SPI; test and inspection – functional test; first article inspection; curing ovens (for non-solder materials); ESD; Materials: adhesives; cleaning materials; coatings/encapsulants; underfills; thermal interface materials; flux; soldering materials (paste, bar, wire, core, etc.); cored wire; Software: software - process control; software – production; software – management (ERP, MRP, etc.); Training Materials.

The deadline for entries is Oct. 22, 2021. To be eligible, entries must have been introduced to market (any region) no earlier than Jan. 1, 2021.
Entries are judged on creativity and innovation; compatibility with existing technology; cost-effectiveness; design; expected reliability; flexibility; expected maintainability/reparability; performance; user-friendliness, and speed/throughput.
Awards will be distributed at IPC Apex Expo in San Diego on January 25, 2022. Winners will be honored during a virtual ceremony in February 2022 on a date to be determined. Winners will provide a high-res logo, company photo, and quote for the online presentation by December 10, 2021.

For more information, visit, or contact senior editor Chelsey Drysdale at

To register, visit

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