Meister D+ True3D inspection system is for chiplets and system-in-package devices, including die and surface mount components.

Inspects solder paste, printed bumps, and solder ball to small components like 0201Ms and highly reflective die. Is for component and die inspection, while delivering accurate inspection from eight-projector probe. Targets MCM/SiP/chiplet inspection with integrated measurement and defect analysis software built on AI engine. Beyond 0201M (008004) microchips, 10µm bump height, and 5µm gap spacing, it detects die defects like micro-cracks, chippings, and foreign material. Supports missing, offset, rotation, polarity, dimension, and co-planarity. Has Moiré technology, 12mp/5µm optics, and 300mm^2/sec. inspection speed. User-friendly GUI and programming wizards. IPC-CFX-2591, IPC-HERMES-9852, and IPC-DPMX-2581 compatibility.

Koh Young Meister D

Koh Young

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