Aerosol Jet HD is a compact, configurable production platform that can dispense a range of electronics materials with features as small as 20 microns.

Can also produce larger features, from 100s of microns to millimeters, and print wide-area conformal coatings from 100nm to tens of microns in thickness. Is based on patented Aerosol Jet technology, a fine-feature material deposition solution used to directly print functional electronic circuitry and components onto low-temperature, non-planar substrates, without the need for masks, screens or subtractive post-processing. Features new print engine, coupled with inline automation, for handling a variety of substrate sizes and compositions, such as 3-D interconnects, conformal RF/EMI shielding, and precision micro-dispense of insulators and adhesives. Compact, modular design can be plugged into almost any existing manufacturing environment.


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