MasterSil 151TC 100%-solids silicone improves thermal management for electronic assemblies in bonding and gap filling applications.

Features a thermal conductivity of 10-12 BTU•in/ft2•hr•°F [1.44-1.73 W/(m•K)] and superior electrical insulation properties. Volume resistivity is >1014 ohm-cm. Highly flexible two-component, room-temperature-curing formulation. Contains novel blend of ultra-fine thermal conductive fillers and can be applied in very thin sections to enhance heat transfer. Thermal resistance is 7-10 x 10-6 K•m2/W. Has excellent resistance to water and can withstand exposure to rigorous vibration, impact, shock, thermal cycling, salt spray, and airborne contaminants. Shrinkage upon cure is low. Has good flow properties, elongation of 90-110% and a Shore A hardness of 80-90. Adheres to most substrates without use of primers. Serviceability is from -65° to +400°F. Working life is 2 to 4 hr. for a 100g batch at 75°F. Low exotherm upon cure. The color of Part A is white, Part B is clear. Can be dispensed on complex shapes. For use in LED lighting, automotive, semiconductor packaging, communication, consumer electronic and energy applications.

Master Bond

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