Printed circuit boards don't last forever – even the most expensive ones.

Despite this unfortunate reality, there are still plenty of proactive steps that can be taken in order to extend the life of one's circuit boards and potentially put off the need for circuit board repairs a little longer.

The number one reason printed circuit boards need repair is aging components. Unfortunately, this is pretty much out of the owner's control. The second biggest reason they end up in repair though is due to damage caused by dirt, heat, moisture, and neglect/accidents. This arena, on the other hand, is certainly one that can be monitored and attended to.

The following are some simple and straightforward tips on how to save money on downtime and repairs with good circuit board maintenance by being cleaning house, being proactive, and using good storage and handling techniques instead of waiting until the PCB stops working to address issues.

If a circuit board has run out of warranty and is in need of repair, contact an independent industrial electronic repair center. A good electronic repair center should offer free evaluations for damaged equipment and, if needed, a free quote for repairs (no bench fees!). They should also provide circuit board repair reports, if requested, and a warranty of at least one year that covers both parts and labor.

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