Service Excellence Awards 2021 Terms and Conditions

Receiving verbatim feedback from your customers on your company’s customer service performance is exciting! Please read the following to enhance your Service Excellence Award experience:

  • Each customer you enter must have a valid email address. Customers without email addresses will not be accepted.
  • Please contact your customers and alternates about the Service Excellence Awards before providing us with their information. Please ensure your customers know CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY will be emailing them information about the Service Excellence Awards that asks them to fill out an online customer service form about your company. Your initial contact helps to increase the chance they will fill out the survey online, instead of just deleting an unfamiliar email right away. You’ll receive more feedback, which will help you to improve your future customer service.
  • Please check (and recheck) that you are entering the correct contact information for your customers.
  • Each customer must include his or her name on the survey for it to count toward the award rankings.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY will notify you immediately of any bounce-backs and ask for a correct email address. If the email is returned again, CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY will move on to your alternate contact listed for that company. If that alternate contact’s email is also bad, one attempt will be made to correct that address. If this new address fails as well, that particular customer will be disqualified. If your customer count, because of disqualification, goes below the 10 customers needed to score your company’s customer service, your participation in the Service Excellence Awards will be disqualified and your payment will not be refunded. (Note: for EMS companies with revenues under $20 million, only 7 customer surveys will be required.)

    Yes, I understand and will:
    • Provide complete customer contact data. I understand that emails are mandatory.
    • Contact my customers to let them know CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY will be emailing them information about the Service Excellence Awards. The email will have a subject line: YOURCOMPANYNAME Survey: Service Excellence Awards.
    • Ensure the contact information I provide for my customers is accurate. I understand customers whose emails are returned may be disqualified. I also understand 1) if my customer count goes below the 10 needed (7 for EMS companies with revenues under $20 million) to score my company’s customer service, or 2) if despite repeated attempts from CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY staff fewer than 10 customers respond to the survey, my company will be disqualified from the Service Excellence Awards and our payment will not be refunded. (Disqualified companies will still receive the customized packet.)
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