Book Reviews

Here is a new list of reference books that has been updated for 2007 to take into account recent changes in technology. In the publishing industry, there are many charts and awards for the best-selling books, but with sales in the tens and hundreds – not thousands – it would be impossible to have a sales chart for technology handbooks. There are only two changes to the top ten this year; I wanted to add two others, but top ten is not top 12!
This list does not indicate the number of sales of any one title, the age or up-to-date nature of the text, only my opinion on the must-have engineering titles for your office bookshelf. Remember: Generally no new problems in manufacture exist. Good reading until next year and keep up to date with new titles.


Handbook of Lead-Free Soldering Technology for Microelectronic Assemblies
Edited by Karl Puttliz and Kathleen Stalter
Published by Marcel Dekker


Flexible Circuit
Joe Fjelstad - Electrochemical Publications


Area Array Interconnection Handbook
Karl Puttlitz & Paul A Totta - -Kluwer Academic Publishers


Comprehensive Guide to Design, Manufacture of Printed Board Assemblies
Bill MacLeod Ross - Electrochemical Publications


Quality Assessment of Printed Circuit Boards
Preben Lund - Bishop Graphics Inc.

SMT for PC Board Design (2nd - 3rd Edition)

James Hollomon - Prompt Publications

Printed Circuit Handbook (5th Edition)

Clyde Coombs, Jr. - McGraw Hill


Electronic Failure Analysis Handbook
Perry L. Martin
Mc Graw Hill

Microelectronics Packaging Handbook (1st Edition)

Tummala and Rymaszewski - Van Nostrand Reinhold

Soldering in Electronics (2nd Edition)

Klein Wassink - Electrochemical Publications
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