Book Reviews

Lead-Free Solder Process Development

Edited by Gregory Henshall, Jasbir Bath & Carol A. Handwerker, March 2011

When I started reading this book, I was a little disappointed with the continual references to other technical papers and resources, but at the end of the final chapter, I found much useful and relevant material.  

The book provides an update on lead-free and the current problems facing the industry, with practical solutions. I particularly enjoyed the information on paste technology, with helpful hints on the newer generation of materials.

The first chapter provides a good overview of the current status of legislation, what the issues are, and the future changes that will impact each company. Other chapters cover reflow and wave soldering, rework, area array components, tin whiskers, in-circuit test, and reliability for commercial and high-reliability electronics. The scope of the book provides something for everyone entering lead-free, or those that have been dealing with the technology over the last few years.
The rework chapter focuses on practical issues of extra heat input to product and potential reliability issues. Copper leaching from substrates is covered in some detail. Test engineering issues, often overlooked in other texts, are given practical coverage by two HP engineers.

Content was reviewed by engineers from Flextronics, Jabil, Alcatel, Intel and Lockheed Martin.


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