Book Reviews

Profiling Guide for Six Sigma

By Brian O’Leary, 2011

This title has been updated for 2011. The author has provided a practical guide to profiling for reflow soldering. The text also covers profiling of wave soldering systems, with many practical suggestions to improve the process and temperature measurement in general. The supporting video files from the dedicated website are a nice touch, but need more defect material.

O’Leary clearly describes the top ways to get the best out of temperature measurement systems and the real mechanics of thermocouples and tolerances found during measurement. The text focuses on trying to help shop floor staff get the best measurements possible in the shortest time. It provides techniques and tips that help reflow novices improve yields regardless of profiling system used.

The author’s sense of humor and practical experience come across in this easy-to-follow book. The text is relevant to all suppliers.


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