• Screen Printing
    Reducing Variation Through 'Intelligent' Stencils
    Stencil variation arises from equipment error and human intervention. A study reveals sources of variation and a system for controlling them.
    Chrys Shea, Valentijn Van Velthoven, Ron Tripp and Ranjit Pandher

  • Stencil Developments
    Next-Generation Interchangeable Foils
    Said to be easier to load and unload and safer to use, new and improved foils are finding a home in high-mix manufacturing.
    Neil MacRaild

  • Cover Story
    An On-Board Mass Calibration System for Liquid Encapsulation
    For dispensing epoxy, engineers often focus on short-term pump repeatability as an equipment selection and qualification criterion, though it is useful only as a snapshot of pump capability. More important, as this investigation reveals, is the ability to quickly and easily measure and adjust the process centering over time.
    Thomas Karlinski

  • Pb-Free Soldering
    Considerations for Implementing Lead Free
    Planning to upgrade or replace your line to meet new lead-free standards? Be sure you know what you're in for.
    Mark Cannon

  • Products
    ATExpo Product Spotlight
    What's new at the annual ATExpo trade show later this month.


  • Editorial
    New packages: smaller and greener.
    Mike Buetow

  • The Fine Pitch
    Q&A with Neil MacRaild, DEK Americas general manager

  • On the Forefront
    Tin whiskers: Still scratching after all these years.
    E. Jan Vardaman

  • Focus on Business
    Three EMS providers discuss challenges and opportunities of adopting lead-free practices.
    Sue Mucha

  • ESD Basics
    The six elements of a successful program.
    ESD Association

  • Process Doctor
    Moisture plus flux residues add up to failures.
    Terry Munson


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ON THE COVER - Eye of the needle: improving dispensing repeatability through weight management tools. (Photo courtesy Speedline Technologies.)

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