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Welcome to the Service Excellence Awards.

What do Nordson YESTech, Nordson EFD, Accu-Sembly, Spectrum Assembly, KIC, Kyzen, EPIC Technologies, Mack Technologies, ACD, and Burton Industries have in common? They are just a few of the winners of CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY'S Service Excellence Awards.

What are the SEAs?

Sponsored by CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY, the Service Excellence Awards (SEAs) for Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Providers and Electronics Assembly Suppliers honor companies excelling in the crucial area of customer service. The program, now in its 23rd year, functions as a way for participants to see how they compare to peers in customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits?

Online responses are collected from a list of customers you provide to determine your company's level of customer satisfaction in various categories. Customer responses and ratings are calculated by an independent tabulator and summarized in a comprehensive, confidential report presented to you. Use these reports to improve operations and implement new ways of ensuring customer satisfaction - before customers are out the door to another company!

Entrants with the highest ratings are honored at an awards ceremony held at the IPC Apex Expo. All winners are featured in a CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY article, on the CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY website, and receive an award commemorating their achievement. If your company wins, the accomplishment may be advertised to the extent you desire!

As an added bonus...

Each year, CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY donates proceeds from participants' entry fees to the SMTA's Charles Hutchins Educational Grant. To date, more than $70,000 has been awarded to industry grants.

"ACD really appreciates that CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY magazine gave us the opportunity to have what we believe to be true about our company confirmed and audited through their Service Excellence Awards program. It was truly a great honor to be recognized in technology and customer responsiveness." - Scott Fillebrown, President & CEO, ACD

"Western Electronics appreciates CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY hosting the Service Excellence Awards as it provides additional feedback from our customers on our deliverables, and has provided validation that our Customer Satisfaction initiatives are yielding results." - Rob Subia, Western Electronics

"Air-Vac views Service Excellence as a competitve advantage for two reasons: First, the vast majority of our business comes from existing customers. If they have not been completely satisfied with our service in the past, they will go elsewhere when they have new requirements; second, we sell the most advanced rework systems available in the world, so all of our competitors sell their equipment at a lower price than we do. Our competitive advantage is technology and service. In regard to service, we advise potential customers that we have won the 2010 Service Excellence Award and that we provide service references upon request. If a potential customer is seriously considering a competitive system , we suggest they ask the other supplier for service references, what their service rating was in the 2010 Service Excellence Awards program, and if they did not participate, why not?" - Brian Czaplicki, Air-Vac Engineering

"The Service Excellence Awards are a wonderful indicator how Kyzen is supporting its most important customers. Now for the [third] year in a row, they have made a personal statement about their satisfaction with the support team and the program we provide. We are thrilled to have won this not once, but [three] years running." - Tom Forsythe, Vice President, Kyzen Corp.



Eastern-US: China’s New Competitor?

Parity emerges among EMS Factories from Asia, Mexico and the US.

For the first time in years we see parity in the Eastern US among EMS factories from Asia, Mexico and the US. This EMS market condition will permit American OEMs (the EMS industry refers to OEMs as customers) to have more EMS pathways to choose from. Now more than ever, such EMS assignments will require deeper investigation relating to the OEMs’ evaluation of manufacturing strategies.

The Human Touch

For those who count on the electronics industry for big feats, it’s been a remarkable couple of years.



Advances in Concentration Monitoring and Closed-Loop Control

Contaminated bath water skews refractive index results. New technology can accurately measure aqueous cleaning agent concentration.

Circuits Disassembly: Materials Characterization and Failure Analysis

A systematic approach to nonconventional methods of encapsulant removal.





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