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  • Virtual Manufacturing
    A Supply-Chain Engineering Solution
    Most EMS companies have seen limited success providing design-related services to OEMs. A new method known as "Virtual Cluster" proposes to bring together best-in-class companies for design project engineering and supply-chain functions, to reduce cost and time-to-market.
    Bill Coker

  • Cover Story
    Pb-Free Reflow and Rework
    While long-term reliability evals are ongoing, NEMI has found that when using optimized tools and processes carried out by experienced personnel, SnAgCu reflow forces a big hike in melt temperature. A list of findings and recommended changes for lead-free reflow and rework.
    Matt Kelly, Quyen Chu and Jasbir Bath

  • Large Format Rework
    Large Format Rework for Eutectic and Lead-Free Applications
    Meeting specific rework needs of disparate boards requires a move away from one-size-fits-all equipment. The combination of full-bottom-panel, low-mass IR heating, stationary board fixturing and gantry-type reflow can eliminate many warping problems faced when reworking large BGA boards.
    Stan Kench

  • Optical Inspection
    Lead-Free First-Article Inspection
    Smaller process windows of lead-free alloys put greater demands on soldering equipment and inspection equipment and procedures. What are the typical process concerns associated with LF alloys for first-article OI and line qualification?
    Mark Cannon

  • Data Reliability
    Manufacturing Effects on Data Retention of Nonvolatile Memory Devices
    There is negligible effect on data retention by soldering NVM devices after they have been programmed.
    Kelly Hirsch



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On the cover: An intensive collaborative investigation reveals certain parameters for lead-free rework.

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Eastern-US: China’s New Competitor?

Parity emerges among EMS Factories from Asia, Mexico and the US.

For the first time in years we see parity in the Eastern US among EMS factories from Asia, Mexico and the US. This EMS market condition will permit American OEMs (the EMS industry refers to OEMs as customers) to have more EMS pathways to choose from. Now more than ever, such EMS assignments will require deeper investigation relating to the OEMs’ evaluation of manufacturing strategies.

The Human Touch

For those who count on the electronics industry for big feats, it’s been a remarkable couple of years.



Advances in Concentration Monitoring and Closed-Loop Control

Contaminated bath water skews refractive index results. New technology can accurately measure aqueous cleaning agent concentration.

Circuits Disassembly: Materials Characterization and Failure Analysis

A systematic approach to nonconventional methods of encapsulant removal.





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KIC Debuts K2 Thermal Profiler
K2 thermal profiler has plug-and-play hardware and a graphical user interface said to make profiling both quick and easy. Enables each thermocouple to use its own unique process window, while...