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Print Advertising Rates

Frequency (monthly)
Size            1x    3x    6x    12x
Inside Front Cover    -    -    $7,140    $6,530
Inside Back Cover    -    -    $7,000    $6,190
Back Cover        -    -    $7,560    $6,700
Full Page        $5,780    $5,600    $5,180    $4,800
2/3 Page        $4,760    $4,560    $4,170    $3,900
1/2 Island        $4,330    $4,180    $3,800    $3,560
1/2 Page        $3,790    $3,680    $3,420    $3,180
1/3 Page        $3,100    $3,000    $2,780    $2,600
1/4 Page        $2,640    $2,580    $2,400    $2,260
Note: All rates four-color, net. All ads in print also appear in digital edition.

Several discounts and combination or package programs may apply. Contact Krista Fabian for details at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 302-519-4064.

Print and online classified ads, including discounted package programs, are available. To reserve your Classified ad space, contact Krista Fabian.

Assembly Insider is a special advertising section composed of 4-color ads grouped together on a page. Available in four sizes (1⁄12-page, 1⁄6-page, 1⁄3-page and 1/2-page), these ads are a cost-effective way for your company to get its message to the entire global CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY audience.

The Assembly Insider section is listed in the table of contents, and advertisers are included in the advertiser’s index. To reserve your Assembly Insider ad space, contact Krista Fabian at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 302-519-4064.

Assembly Insider Rates

(All rates are net per month and include 4-color)

Size 1x 3x 6x 12x

1/2 Assembly Insider $1,850 / $1,790 / $1,750 / $1,650

1/3 Assembly Insider 1,110 / 1,040 / 1,000 / 900

1/6 Assembly Insider 600 / 570 / 550 / 500

1/12 Assembly Insider 350 / 335 / 325 / 300

Inserts. Insert rates are quoted on an individual basis. Rates vary according to size of insert and method of attachment. Contact Krista Fabian at kfabian@upmediagroup or 302-519-4064 for a complete quote.

Prepay discount. A 10% discount is extended to all prepaid programs. Payments can be made by credit card, check, or wire transfer.

Combination package programs. Reach more prospects and build sales by combining the power of print, online, newsletter and/or trade show advertising. Contact Krista Fabian at kfabian@upmediagroup or 302-519-4064 for discounted rates.

Partner with PCD&F. Discounted pricing is available for package programs with Printed Circuit Design & Fab magazine. Contact your salesperson for details.



Eastern-US: China’s New Competitor?

Parity emerges among EMS Factories from Asia, Mexico and the US.

For the first time in years we see parity in the Eastern US among EMS factories from Asia, Mexico and the US. This EMS market condition will permit American OEMs (the EMS industry refers to OEMs as customers) to have more EMS pathways to choose from. Now more than ever, such EMS assignments will require deeper investigation relating to the OEMs’ evaluation of manufacturing strategies.

The Human Touch

For those who count on the electronics industry for big feats, it’s been a remarkable couple of years.



Advances in Concentration Monitoring and Closed-Loop Control

Contaminated bath water skews refractive index results. New technology can accurately measure aqueous cleaning agent concentration.

Circuits Disassembly: Materials Characterization and Failure Analysis

A systematic approach to nonconventional methods of encapsulant removal.





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Panasonic Debuts PanaCIM Maintenance with Augmented Reality
PanaCIM Maintenance with Augmented Reality software provides instant communication and information to factory technicians -- when and where it is needed -- so they can respond to factory needs more...