Test and Inspection


When development boards fail, is it the fixture or the finish?

Herewith is yet another striking reminder that in marriage as in life, communication holds the key to better living. And going green is not always as easy, or as virtuous, as it seems.

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Connectivity is embedded in the electronics ecosystem. And test should be embedded in the devices that support it.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the new buzzword coined to describe the use of smart and connected electronic devices that enable greater efficiency and productivity in our daily lives.

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Diverting bad boards from the field is often in the eye of the beholder.

Contrary to what you may think and, most unfortunately, Figure 1 is not a Goodyear Blimp-eyed view of a Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss or an Arabica coffee bean. Pity. Desire rudely thwarted, I was getting hungry.

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Yang Hua

Demand peaking and you can’t afford to buy? Consider renting.
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We get paid to report what is, not what is wished.

A hackneyed maxim says that PCBA testing is a non-value-added activity. Really? Did you know PCBA testing has the unique ability to make revenue out of thin air? If that isn’t creating value, then what is?

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Jun Balangue
On-board flash memory device testing and programming.
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