Important dates for the 2018 program:

October 2017

The deadline for entries and payment was October 6, 2017.

October 2017

The deadline for customer information was October 13, 2017.

Each participating company is responsible for providing us with valid contact information for 10-15 customers they would like to survey (7 - 10 customers for EMS companies with revenues less than $20 million). We will collect this information after we receive your entry form.

December 2017

The deadline for customers to complete the customer service survey was December 8, 2017. At that time, surveys closed so an independent consultant could tabulate results.

February 2018

Awards and reports were presented at an annual SEA reception during IPC Apex Expo 2018 in San Diego. The ceremony took place February 27, 2018, on the trade show floor.

April 2018

In addition to recognition on our website and in press releases, an announcement featuring the winners will be published in the April print edition of CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY. There is also special advertising opportunities for winners. (Contact Frances Stewart at with advertising questions.)

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